Product packaging that incorporates graphic finishing techniques
stands out from the rest in the crowded retail space
3 seconds...15 feet away
According to Wal-Mart, consumers must “get it”—the promise behind your package—within 3 seconds and up to 15 feet away!

People feel with their eyes everyday. Looking at product packaging, billboards, magazines—even stop signs. A virtual visual overload. That’s why you need to make your product standout. And DE Baugh understands the recipe for eye candy.

First impressions DO count! And the ONLY way for you to make impact is with Graphic Finishing. We’re experts in creating attention-getting packaging. Packaging that jumps off the shelf into the hands of consumers. It doesn’t matter if you're selling batteries or baby food, we can help you get noticed.

Product managers spend time questioning how product packaging speaks to consumers. The attention to detail to the words on the label is tremendous. But outside of differentiating their blue box from their competitors red box, not enough attention is paid to graphic finishing.

Post-press graphic processes like embossing, foil stamping and die cutting CAN and DO make the difference. The more your product is noticed, the more attention your product gets on the shelf. The more attention your product gets on the shelf, the more your SELL. That’s right. Graphic finishing can help you achieve or exceed your revenue goals.

Effective use of color, imagery and special effects makes paperboard packaging a good option in helping consumers intuitively understand differences in product attributes.
  posted April 2005,
  “On Paper, a World of Opportunity.”
Let’s face it: consumers are drawn to attractive and exciting packaging. If 75% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, then packaging is the greatest advertising medium.
  Package Design Magazine,
  March/April 2004, Pg 24
20 products a second...
59% of consumers surveyed preferred consumer goods whose packaging is refined with effects pigments (specialty finishes.)

With an investment of pennies per package,
you could increase your product market share!

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales, don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more about graphic finishing? Give us a call today. Let us show you how a little pizzazz to your packaging can help you sell more!

Through the dynamic reflectivity of foil stamping, sleekness of UV coating or show stealing, raised surfaces of embossing, DE Baugh makes an audience take notice. DE Baugh can make it happen through combining multiple graphic processes!

Want proof? Contact DE Baugh today to request a sample of your product packaging with effects added. Feel with your own eyes the impact that embossing, foil and UV coating will make in your eyes and the eyes of consumers.

About Our “Feel with your eyes” Book Series
We are developing and distributing a multi-volume series of design books to illustrate, by example, the high-impact graphic techniques we provide to some of the most recognizable consumer brands across the world. Each volume in the series carries a unique message coupled with tangible examples of graphic finishing techniques that could be employed for the packaging of your product.
CONTACT US to request a set of the “Feel with your eyes” book series.