{ why graphic finishing }

Graphic finishing works because, as DE Baugh likes to say, we all “feel with our eyes”. Paper, packaging, mailers and any other printed material are flat. Beyond the limiting constraints of color and graphic layout of printing, the way to attract the consumer’s eye and convey a brand promise is to add distinguishing features through graphic finishing.

Consider the research...
  • 80 percent of purchases are impulse buys made at the point of sale.

  • 59 percent of consumers surveyed prefer consumer goods packaged with foil stamping, embossing, or other graphic finishes.

  • Consumers look at 20 products per second inside the store and what jumps out, or provides entertainment value, will end up in their cart.

  • Shoppers must ‘get it’ within 3 seconds and up to 15 feet away from the shelf.

  • Graphic finishing gives a product a competitive advantage. Either the advertising campaign or product demand brings the consumer to the aisle in the store. There, it is chiefly up to the packaging to entice the consumer to choose one product over another.