Environmental Statement


Before the idea of GREEN existed, Baugh was participating in energy efficiency along with reducing our carbon footprint. We work with several professional companies to assist us in our efforts. We address the following areas:




Although we use very little chemicals compared to the rest of the printing industry, we work with a third-party environmental specialist to ensure proper filing and handling of chemicals. All coatings are purchased in reusable totes, not drums. Any chemical byproducts are disposed of by a registered agent.


All excess scrap from die cutting and make-ready spoilage is bailed and sent to a recycler. This recycler works with paper mills to have the scrap repulped and made into recyclable paper products.


Copper & Brass

All tooling for foil stamping and embossing dies are separated and recycled after their useful life.

Energy Efficiency

We have installed an electrical management system to control how efficiently the power flows through the facility. This has reduced our usage by 15% annually. We have also installed an energy-efficient roof that reduces heating and cooling expenses throughout the year.